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New Gold or Platinum VIP Memberships Available!

All VIP Memberships Include:

  • NO Upfront Costs and Membership is FREE
  • One Complimentary Infrared Sauna Treatment
  • One Complimentary Ionic Foot Detoxification
  • 10% Off ALL Products in our Serenity store!
  • Access to Exclusive VIP Perk Alerts with specials for specific services
  • Extras or discounts with every monthly service (see VIP Membership options below)


Gold Membership

$69 + tax per month

 Each month choose between any of the following services!

So you can view your savings, below each service is the normal price.

70 Minute Massage

($79 value)

Customizable Therapeutic, Swedish, or Sports Massage

Luxury Facial

($79 value)

Includes a Complimentary Paraffin Hand-Dip, Facial Waxing

Brazilian Wax

($79 value)

Includes a Complimentary Paraffin Hand-Dip or Facial Waxing

Platinum Membership

$84 + tax per month

Each month choose between any of the following services!

So you can view your savings, below each service is the normal price.

90-Minute Massage

($94 value)

Customizable Therapeutic, Swedish, or Sports Massage

60-Minute Massage & Dry Skin Brushing

($84 value)

Leave your massage with smooth skin and your own Dry Skin Brush!

70-Minute Specialty Massage

($89 value)

Suite your specific health needs with a Deep Tissue, Myofascial, Neuro-Muscular, Trigger Point,

Craniosacral, Hot Stone, Bellanina Face-Lift, or Lymphatic Massage

Premier Luxury Facial

($89 value)

Finish your luxury facial with a 24kt Gold Masque or Organic Dark Chocolate Masque

Luxury Back Facial

($99 value)

Includes a Complimentary Paraffin Hand-Dip or Facial Waxing

Chemical Peels & Lifts

($99 value)

Choose between a Four Layer Face Lift, Lightening Lactic & Kojic, Acne Salicylic & Glycolic or Organic Passion Peel

Colon Hydrotherapy

($89 value)

Includes an Infrared Sauna Session with each visit


($89 value)

For more information on this service Click Here! [1]


($89 value)

For more information on this service Click Here [2]

Frequently Asked VIP Questions

What does it mean to be a VIP at Serenity?

VIP Membership is a commitment to one service a month for at least twelve months. There are no upfront costs or fees. Each membership has a list of services you may choose from each month. You can enjoy your favorite service or experience the variety of holistic services covered under your membership.

What if I miss a month?

Although membership is a commitment to one service a month for at least twelve months, if you miss a month you do not lose the service. You can come in during following months an additional time to make up your missed service or gift your service to someone special!

What if I want to come in multiple times per month?

You are always welcome to sign multiple VIP memberships and receive additional complimentary foot detoxes and saunas. If you visit us more times than your membership covers, you pay at those additional visits but still only pay the VIP membership cost. For instance, if you are a Gold member and would like a second 70 minute massage you would pay 69 + tax still instead of the normal 79 + tax. This applies to any service covered under your VIP membership.

Can I gift away my services?

Any of your paid VIP services may be gifted away to friends and family.

When do I pay for my membership?

Billing occurs on either the 1st or 15th of the month. You may pay with either credit card or checking / savings account.


*May not be combined with any other discounts. Membership requires a 12 month commitment via Serenity VIP contract. Client will choose either the 1st or 15th of the month for the payment to be automatically charged to either a credit card or withdrawn from a bank account. Complimentary bonuses, add-ons, or discounts are received with each monthly service depending on which VIP membership was chosen. Early contract termination is only approved with proof of client moving more than 60 miles in proximity. Cancellation forfeits all monthly bonuses and any complimentary services, perks, and discounts received prior to termination will be owed. VIP memberships are not therapist specific and the contract is an agreement between client and Serenity. After 12 months, client will be out of contract and may continue receiving VIP perks until client informs us of membership cancellation.

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