Naturopathic Medicine



Available at our Maumee Location only!

Initial Comprehensive Evaluation: $149.00

Follow-Up Appointments: $89.00

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Traditional Naturopathic Services:

* Individual Customized Support Plans for Balancing your Body *

* Healing from Chronic Issues / Diseases * 

* Diet & Nutrition Counseling * 

* Herbal Medicine Protocols & Use *

* Body Work / Energy Work *

* Education & Counseling on Leading a Natural Lifestyle *

* Education & Counseling on Wellness & Illness Prevention*


What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

A traditional Naturopathic Doctor utilizes 8 pillars to help bring your body back into balance. Although the doctor may not perform all of the services relevant to each pillar she will develop a customized support plan to assist you on your path to a balanced body, mind, and soul.


What Can I expect During An Appointment?

During the initial consultation, the doctor will perform several assessments (including palpation, iridology, and muscle testing) to establish root causes for imbalances in the body. Together, you will design a holistic support plan unique to your needs that addresses these root causes. This plan may include referrals to other Serenity services. The ultimate goal is for you to continue self-care after four to five sessions.


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