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Private Life Coaching Sessions

Life coaches focus on assisting anyone who wants to achieve life-improving goals. For example, achieving balance between your work, personal and family lives, turning your creativity into a positive lifestyle, or discovering and following the path to make a real difference with your life.

Individual, Couples and Family Life Coaching

$89.00 per session

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What is life coaching?

The life coaching process is the only human improvement process that focuses completely on YOU! Life coaches are equal partners who assist you to improve and grow as a person as the means to achieve your goals. Life coaches assist you to become the World’s Leading Expert on YOU! Coaches also assist you to execute the actions necessary to achieve your goals. You will have virtual control over the results you achieve through coaching, because you set the coaching goals, and the coaching process assures that you will achieve them.

Why see a life coach?

You make an appointment with a coach to achieve your personal, spiritual, family and business goals much more effectively, more efficiently and more completely. Life coaches assist you to: overcome obstacles and fears, focus on solutions, have someone to bounce ideas off of and discover truths about yourself.  In addition, they facilitate helping you to accomplish more than you thought possible and achieve balance in your personal, work and family lives. Your coach will help you tap into your greatest potential to become the person you always wanted to be and are capable of becoming.

How does life coaching work for you?

Your coach will focus his or her full energy and attention on you achieving your goals. Your coach will become the totally objective, nonjudgmental, supportive mirror into whom you really are and what you really want to do. Your coach will provide life options, new perspectives, encouragement, and concentrated attention to give you the insight, and confidence to take life-improving actions towards your goals. You will be assisted in identifying your self-imposed obstacles and further guide you towards overcoming them to reaching your goals.

How to maximize the rewards you receive through life coaching.

The life coaching process works exceptionally well at assisting you to improve your life, business, relationships and your work. But like anything else, life coaching works best under the right conditions. You will want to make sure the following Four Key Conditions are met before you engage a life coach.

How will you know when it is time to stop coaching?

You will want to stop coaching when you have achieved your coaching goals. However, many people continue the coaching process to achieve new coaching goals, or to continue a reminder or maintenance program.

Why is life coaching valuable?

The value of the goals you achieve will greatly exceed what you pay for coaching. You set your coaching goals and you will surely set goals that are the most valuable and important to you.

There are also other, more hidden benefits of coaching that are frequently worth more than the value of the goals achieved. The benefits from improving as a person to achieve your coaching goals are frequently priceless. Reducing or eliminating your life stresses, improving your attitude about life, improving your relationships with others, etc.

How will you know if you have coachable goals?

A “coachable goal” is a future place you want to be as a person that requires you to grow or improve as a person to reach it. Coachable goals always involve moving forward in your life and refrain from reviewing to past to overcome past events.

Some examples of coachable goals are:

•Discover and obtain your “Ideal Income Position”,

•Transform your relationships; let go of anger issues,

•Overcome living your life with chronic stress,

•Become a more Productive and Successful Business Owner,

…and much, much more!

You have total control over your degree of readiness to reap the full rewards from coaching. You will determine the degree of your readiness when you positively answer the following questions:

1. How committed are you to achieving your goal(s)?

2. How willing are you to accept new perspectives?

3. How willing are you to invest something of value in yourself?

4. How willing are you to take the actions you and your coach uncover to achieve your goal(s)?

What is the “Gift of Coaching?”

Coaches have the “Gift of Coaching” when they naturally care more about others than themselves. Coaches with the “gift” place the success of their clients first and completely, because their ego, their intuition, their passions, and their personal values revolve around assisting others.

How long do coaching sessions to last?

Your coaching sessions will last approximately 45-60 minutes.

What are the different types of “life coaching?”

The “life coaching” profession encompasses a whole array of different types of specialized coaching. The specific titles signify the different fields of life in which coaches concentrate. However, the coaching done under each label can and does frequently crossover from one field to another. Some of the more recognizable specialties of “life coaching” are shown below.

  • Health & Wellness Coach
  • Weight Loss Coach
  • Marriage Coach
  • Personal Coach
  • Financial Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Business Coach

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