Body Scrubs & Wraps


Explore our many options for a wrap, scrub, or both!

All 70-Minute Wraps: $99 

All 70-Minute Scrubs: $99

All 90-Minute Wrap & Scrubs: $149


Sweet Retreat-Scrub 7x5PRINT (1)

Red Velvet Body Wrap 7x5print (2)

The Berry Essentials Body Scrub 7x5print

Chocolate Mud Pie

Copy of Cupid's Cupcake-Scrub

Copy of PSL-W&S

Milk&Honey-W&S 7x5print

Peat Purity Website (2)

Copy of Toasted Coconut Hot Chocolate-W&S

Honeybee & Berries Vitality Wrap 7x5print (1)

Guac Your Body Scrub 7x5print

Tapioca Mocha 7x5print

Copy of Bee-W






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