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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture involves the insertion of thin sterile needles into the body to treat disease and promote wellness.  Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and this system of medicine has been used for thousands of years.  This ancient medicine is used to treat a variety of conditions and is practiced all over the world.  Acupuncture is used to restore balance to the body since the TCM view on disease is that disease occurs when the body is out of balance.  Stress, illness, not eating and sleeping well all impact the body and throw off the balance of the body’s energy called Qi (pronounced “Chee”).  Qi, or energy, is a vital substance that supports all functions of the body.  The beating of your heart, digesting food, and having energy to get through the day are all supported by Qi.  Acupuncture and TCM focuses on restoring health by figuring out what the imbalance in the body is and what is causing that imbalance.

To find out more about acupuncture and how it works visit the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) website at

What does Acupuncture treat?

In 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) released a report that recognizes acupuncture at being effective, either through clinical studies and/or clinical experience, at treating over 90 different diseases, conditions and symptoms (  This list includes many types of pain; back pain, neck pain, pain from arthritis, knee pain and headaches.  Also on this list were women’s health issues such as painful periods, infertility and morning sickness. Conditions such as fibromyalgia, depression, sports injuries and addictions to tobacco and alcohol were included on this extensive list.  Patients with various health problems have found relief from their health issues through Acupuncture and are pleased with the results.

Why should I see an Acupuncturist and when should I go?

Acupuncture has been shown to be effective at treating many different conditions and symptoms but you don’t have to be sick to get a benefit from acupuncture. Our modern day world is full of stressors like the economy, our jobs, getting the kids to soccer practice on time; all of these stressors can greatly impact our health.  Promoting stress relief and an overall sense of well-being can be achieved through acupuncture.  Receiving acupuncture treatments while you are experiencing pain or symptoms will help alleviate what your body is going through. Treatments are also recommended when you are not experiencing symptoms or pain: getting treatments at this time will keep your body strong and work to prevent, or lessen, future bouts with these symptoms.

Will the acupuncture make me feel better right away or will it take a while to get relief?

Improvement in symptoms and pain relief are often seen within a few sessions and the desired affect of the acupuncture will build over time.   There is no set time frame for how long it will take to fix a problem: each individual is different and each disease will respond differently to treatment.  A chronic condition, as the name implies, has chronicity and has been affecting the body for a long period of time.  We know it’s hard to break a habit that we’ve had for a long time and the same is true of the body which has been unwell for a long time.  Getting acupuncture treatments, working at your health and keeping a positive attitude will lead to success in treating your condition.

Kylie Roach, M.Sc, MSTOM, Dipl.OM, L.Ac

Kylie A. Roach, M.Sc, MSTOM, Dipl.OM, L.Ac, after several years in scientific research, she trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago, IL where she graduated with her MSTOM degree.  She has undergone several years of extensive scholarly studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine before beginning her career as a Chinese medicine practitioner and Acupuncturist. Her professional interests include treating chronic diseases & pain and to promote health & wellness for people living with these conditions.  She specializes in connective tissue diseases and has worked with the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome National Foundation.  She enjoys staying active in the medical care community and one way she does this is by teaching future health care professionals at a local college. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and all things vintage.  Kylie is enthusiastic about being a part of the Serenity Health and Wellness team.

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